Thursday, January 23, 2014


To put off doing something, especially out of carelessness or laziness, this is the definition of drag ones feet or more bid me. Im confused to as why I procrastinate so more! Its out of control. Its the worry my teacher gives me the assignment a week before its run-down and I still deferment until the move possible aid to take a shit it seizee. I easily could do it on eld that I hand over no different readiness exactly no. I decide to coiffe in my recognize and take a couple of stove reactors, even though I have told myself, Hey, why dont you go do your home consort thats payable in 3 days preferably of waiting until the give way minor. but yet again I still wait until the very inhabit minute its due. Its desire having sex with someone and mooting, lets simply generate this over with. wherefore cant I weigh that with my home spurt once I calculate it depute to me? wherefore do I procrastinate so much? Homework can be so simple. I think thats w hat gets to my head, Oh the planning is so easy, Ill just do it tomorrow before class. Wrong attitude to have. authority me, I know from personal experience! I longing I could just be an overachiever and once I get the homework assigned to me right then and there, I set onwards working on it. If solitary(prenominal) life could be that simple. Why do I procrastinate so much? I want the answer! I wish I could laughter law this horrible addiction of putting off things to the last minute but I cant. Not only is it homework that I put off but similarly things like, acquire gas. I always result my gas devolve on for at least 3 days because Im so lazy to get gas. Also things like sacking to my job. Lets say I have to work at 5, I will take a nap until 4:45 and and leave my house to go to work at 4:55 because Im so lazy and think I have clipping to pip it. Instead of getting up earlier to get gear up for my job, I decide to hit that little snooze add and put if off until it comes down until the last two legal procee! ding I have left over(p) to get ready and leave for work. Its horrible! What is upon with me and procrastination? Are we meant to be together forever? Or is...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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