Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dinosaur Extinction

Theory of dinosaur extinction research Lots of people oppugn what happened to the animals that apply to be alive. They wonder what had happened to the life that lived over 65 one thousand billion days ago....Every organism has a story, and this is the theory of the dinosaurs extinction... KT boundary is a geological signature, usu all(prenominal)y a nice band, dated to 65.5 million years ago. K is the traditional abridgment for the cretaceous period, and T is the contraction for the Tertiary period. The boundary label the end of the Mesozoic date and the beginning of the Cenozoic era, and is associated with the CretaceousTertiary extinction event, a mass extinction. The theory of angular impact- Asteroids pass mankinds atmosphere all the time and when they do they evidence mass destruction. One of the around common extinction theories is that an star-shaped 4-9 miles capacious struck the earth on the tip of the yucatan peninsula, i n the gulf of mexico (Where all the beans electric arc free Dave) giving the dinosaurs a kick to the face. When it hit the comet would pose sent lots of dust, debris, and move into the air causing Brobdingnagian forest fires, tidal waves, wicked storms, and eliminated all cheer. It wouldve taken close to 6 months to clear up and compensate some sunlight through. The dinosaurs stood no chance by and by such a blow. if they didnt die from the comet crash then they would have eventually died from famishment due to lack of sunlight to declare plants. Evidence for the asteroid impact theory- Impact crater The 150 kilometer wide crater lies just off the yucatan peninsula. scientists Scientists calculate that it was damn into kingdom by a 10-kilometer-wide asteroid or comet locomotion 30 kilometers per second -- 150 times faster than a kB airliner.Scientists have concluded that the impact that created this crater occurred 65 million years ago. The date corresponds perfectly to the date of the dinosaur extin! ction. rare metal The metal iridium is very rare on...If you want to pound a full essay, order it on our website:

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