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How Do Patent Systems Influence Innovation And Contribute To Technological Change In Western Europe During The Nineteenth Century

PATENT SYSTEM AND TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE IN THE 19th CENTURYRunning Head : PATENT SYSTEM AND TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE IN THE 19th CENTURYPATENT SYSTEM AND TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE IN THE nineteenth CENTURYIn APA Style (Name (University2006Patent System and Technological Change in the nineteenth CenturyIntroductionThe industrial revolution is a historic event . It was esthesis of the greatest changes in history that involves multiple aspects of human forage . Despite its technological origins , the changes occurred were as much `social in nature as they were technological . The phenomenon changed the lives of millions people in so many countries and resulted continuous flow of social and technological changes unendingly since . Various studies indicated that the industrial revolution is the start of many things that ar now making moder n life a poll easier -or more complicated ?-Prior to the industrial revolution , engineering science and phase is still considered as an `unnatural effort for improvement that receives a great deal of cynicism from most parts of the society . The industrial revolution is the first of many events that proved the significance of technology in human life . It is consequently realized that developions agitate ahead mankind form various sides . For instance , from the sparing perspective , intents benefit consumers through the development of new and alter goods , go and processes . It is acknowledged that an miserliness s capacity for pattern and innovation allow for join on the standard of living within that economy and helps rag the growth of the economy . Since then , innovation is treasured and encourage , causing the rate of emerging new intentions to increase many times foldAlong with the increasing rate of invention , it was more and more notice that the n eed for intellectual rights protective cove! rs was enormous Governments were then responsible for creating protection systems that accommodate a safe and conducive environment to invent and innovate . It was actualized in visible policies and its enforcementPatent is a set of goop rights granted by a solid ground to a soul in exchange of the disclosure of accredited details of a new , inventive and useful devices , methods or processes (`Patent , 2006 . It is unmatchable of the influential systems that could increase or fall tendencies of innovation activities . at heart this we pull up stakes discuss unspotted system and how it influences the rate of invention . But first , we will describe other factors that besides influence the date of innovationII .Factors of transformation and the Patent SystemII .1 .Factors Influencing Technological ChangeAs discussed onwards , patenting has a certain raise on the rate of invention . A study by R .E Evenson (2001 ) revealed that there are several ways to exempt this cor relationFirst , the innovation potential is moved(p) by changes in effectual apostrophize delays in patent processing and changes in expect litigation costs and regulatory requirements . The study discovered that most of these factors moved(p) all palm of invention in an economy . customary rises in legal and associated cost will cause declines in the number of patent registeredSecond , Innovation is influenced by the return expected from innovation Most...If you necessitate to get a full essay, baffle it on our website:

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