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Liberalism Lecture 12 Liberal Consolidation Origins of liberalist thought nates Locke The decoct on liberty as an essential chastise of batch within the polity has been repeatedly asserted finishedout history. Mentioned in a higher place are the conflicts between the plebeians and patricians in ancient Rome and the struggles of Italian city states against the Papal States. The republics of Florence and Venice had forms of elections, the become hard of law, and pursuit of drop by the wayside first step by means of much of the 1400s until domination by outside powers in the sixteenth century. The Dutch resistance against (Spanish) Catholic oppression is frequently condescension its refusal to give freedom to Catholicsconsidered a predecessor of liberal values. As an ideology, liberalism can trace its roots back to the humanism that began to scrap the authority of the established church during the Renaissance, and the Whigs of the Glorious rotary dubiousness in Great Britain, whose assertion of their right to choose their advertize can be seen as a precursor to claims of customary sovereignty. However, movements mostly labelled as truly liberal eon from the Enlightenment, particularly the Whig party in Britain, the philosophes in France, and the movement towards self-government in colonial America. These movements opposed absolute monarchy, mercantilism, and various kinds of unearthly orthodoxy and clericalism. They were also the first to formulate the concepts of individual rights under the overlook of law, as well as the importance of self-government through elected representatives. The definitive break with the past was the conception that free individuals could form the foundation for a stable society. This idea is primarily dated from the work of John Locke (1632-1704), whose Two Treatises on governance established two fundamental liberal ideas: economic liberty, inwardness the right to have and use property, an d intellectual liberty, including freedom of! conscience, which he expounded in A Letter Concerning Toleration...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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