Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Jakarta City Live, a short piece that describe the social-cultural aspects of Jakarta.

Billiard, a New Metropolis Lifestyle During the last decade, billiard was ceaselessly connected to negative spatial relations, such as prostitution, gamble, and drugs. For the middle-high society, billiard was banned and con typefacered as thugs venture. But now, billiard is considered as a place to declare our feelings, after a grand day work in the urban center. In capital of Indonesia, billiard has been hot for about two years and attracted thousands of fans to walkover and invest their specie to this business. After hr, a bar/clubbing eye socket in Sarinah, Menteng, claimed that adolescent executives, from 18-30 old years range, play the game for hours, even until midnight. They tell that their clients did not take in any upset of paying the Rp. 45.000.-/hour cost, which meant that they have to pay Rp. 600,- for every mo they spent, not including the drinks. temporary hookup Afterhour combines billiard with club and bar, Bengkel, the biggest billiard site in Jak arta only consists of 120 tables. Those tables are never empty, and in weekends they claimed that their delay list might reach 200 numbers. They a consistent organize regular tournaments, twice a month. Putera Astaman, an ex-Polri Chief substitute classified that these trend as a very extract phenomena. Billiard has been a new lifestyle in Jakarta, he said. It is truly beyond our expectation that billiard, which was reputed as the dark side of the city, can lift its image into a new city lifestyle in Jakarta. Prostitution in Jakarta In Jakarta, prostitution happens everywhere; from the famed Mahakam night street, until boarding houses in Taman Sari, West Jakarta. The prostitutes, which are called PSK (Pekerja Seks Komersial- commercial-grade Sex Worker) are placed in a nitid 5 x 10 meters surviving room, just like a department store where the customer can withdraw their own items. Tetta (not the real name) said... If you want to get a honest essay, order it on our webs! ite:

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