Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wedding Customs

Different Wedding Customs in bomb And In Sorth Korea In most countries, there are a swop of customs which are specific and special for them. In this essay, I will focus on variances mingled with Turkey and southeastward Korea. We faecal matter easily see deuce big unlikenesss in wedding communion and kinds of wedding gifts. It is fire that the wedding observation in Turkey is totally different from southeasterly Korea. At first, we foundation see the obvious difference when bride enters the wedding-saloon. In Turkey, the now accompanies the bride. Meanwhile two traditional players sing songs for them. However, in in the south Korea the bride father requires her to the wedding saloon, then the bride takes her from him. The second difference between Turkey and southwesterly Korea is music. In Turkey, the music starts at the number one of the wedding and goes on until the end of it. On the contrary, in randomness Korea no music is played in the weddings. Peoples speak for each one other, laugh and participate in the wedding ceremony. The last difference between two countries is dispersal of foods. It is usually in Turkey that a meal consisting of sift and roasted beef is distributed in the wedding ceremony. merely in South Korea giving meals is non a custom. The bride families invite the guests to the restaurant and they can eat something in there. The second big difference is gifts. In Turkey families of the bride and garment usually give gold to the bride. Especially, necklaces bracelet, and rings. But in South Korea they only give currency. In accompaniment to that the guests give money to the braces and they rarely give other presents. In South Korea the guests give gifts which are like teeny things that the pas de deux can you in their home. Finally, in Turkey the couple never gives gifts to their parents. However, it is interesting that in South Korea, the new couple gives some presents to their parents afterwards the w edding. In conclusion, we can say that t! wo traditional countries involve big differences in their wedding-customs. The...If you want to get a adept essay, order it on our website:

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