Friday, October 14, 2016

A Message from Benjamin Franklin

The Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin is an autobiography on the life of Benjamin Franklin. I chose the autobiography of him because he was a brilliant innovator who helped see America as it stands today. He is storied for his creations such as the Pennsylvania gazette, where he created the famous Join, or Die semipolitical cartoon. He is also ren avowed for his works down the stairs the signalize Silence Dogood, the creation of the despicable Richards Almanac, studies on the nature of electricity, and composition of Americas number one and only(a) subscription library. The following is an abridged enumerate of his early life, and how it shaped his passage as a politician, philosopher, and discoverer (sort of).\nI, Benjamin Franklin, was born on January 17, 1706 as the tenth male child of Josiah Franklin. At the age of cardinal I worked under my associate James Franklin, who I competed with throughout my early life. I was meliorate under principals of Locke and was taught to be a doubter when it came to societal conventions and religion. When my familiar James would not permit me write for his newspaper publisher I wrote many letters to his write under the guise of a widow named Silence Dogood. In these letters I do very critical abridgment of the treatment of women. The letters became wildly popular. This however was the first and one of the sm allest of my successes.\nIn my adult years, I continued work in printing, and in 1729 I purchased my own newspaper. I contributed many pieces under aliases and soon found myself rivulet the most successful newspaper in the colonies. In the 1930s and 1940s I helped to gradation the Library Company the philosophic Society and the Philadelphia Hospital, which are all still in cosmos today. I also created the coalescence Fire Company in 1736 which was the first organization pore on preventing fire in the city, as well as the Philadelphia Contribution for Insurance Against pass by Fire in 1752. Finally, in the 1750s I began works in scholarship including the he...

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