Saturday, December 15, 2018

'Counselor Role in Special Education Essay\r'

'My perception of the inform proponent’s role in supernumerary procreation is that it largely mirrors the role embodied for every(prenominal) educatees, but with some added considerations and collaborations for the surplus needs pupil. My correspondence is that a work counselor should be easy to all students for soulal, ethical, academic, career, and social advice; to listen to a student’s point of view; to deal with either mental health issues that may arise for a student; to servicing a student gain for transitions; to aid for a student in a devoted situation, and to whatever degree possible, teach the student to advocate for himself.\r\nA counselor mustiness be committed to helping all students reach their beat capability; but for students with disabilities and other special needs, a school counselor needs to accomplish this in the face of extra challenges. These tasks and trials are not particular(a) to those presented by the varying disabilit ies of a chela, but entangle the demands of satisfying the administrative and legal requirements of a counselor serving students with special needs. Today’s school counselor is likely to be involved in a student’s someoneized facts of life program (IEP) when one is warranted. According to the Ohio Department of pedagogics’s Office for Exceptional Children, at least(prenominal) one of the IEP group members needs to be an mortal who has knowledge or special expertise regarding the child.\r\nThis person is in addition to the child’s fix and special education teachers, a principal/ champion principal or other senior cater member, the resurrects, the school psychologist, and the child (if appropriate) required to participate on the team. The school counselor, at the discretion of the parent or the school district, may be included as a member of the IEP team if they have special insight regarding the child. A school counselor will work as part of a mu ltidisciplinary team within the school and community in line up and providing operate for the special needs student. Without yet having been receptive to a practicum or internship experience as a school counselor, I perceive this piece of the work load to be potentially delicate and complex.\r\nA parent may have a viewpoint different from that which is covered in the Evaluation Team continue (ETR), resulting in an extended identification process. School supply members may have contrasting opinions as to whether a child is in need of special education and an IEP, or just accommodations covered under a 504 Plan. The bottom line is that the identification team must work collaboratively, with a lack of ego, in assessing and find out what measures are in the best interests of helping the child to be successful in school.\r\nIt seems that the most catchy aspect of a school counselor’s job is to find a balance in managing so many responsibilities in each given day. Respondi ng to the unique challenges of special needs students can two intensify and complement the workload. I think frequently can be gained professionally, ainly, and emotionally by comprehend that responsibility. A good counselor should teach the special education students attending her school about resiliency, familiar strength, overbearing identity, and a sense of purpose. In the commonplace terms of the professional school counselor’s role, I believe that the most valuable services to be provided in the special education commonwealth are:\r\n• Individual Student Planning †return high expectations and help disabled students establish personal goals for each school year and their future success. familiarise oneself with the varying learning styles of the students who have disabilities, and work consultatively with teachers to modify their performance behaviorally and academically. Be a staunch advocate for these students and their post-secondary options; help create opportunities for them.\r\n• Responsive Services †utensil prevention and/or intervention activities like individual and group counseling, provide referrals, facilitate better chum relations, and advocate for them. Conduct needs assessments to identify potential systematic, programmatic, and attitudinal areas for change in order to create positive environments for their learning. Assist teachers in staying on top of 504 and IEP accommodations/interventions, being prepared to troubleshoot if certain measures are not change student to perform optimally.\r\n• School Guidance computer program †developing and delivering a curriculum of structured lessons to help each identified student achieve in demand(p) social and academic outcomes. A counselor could go through a student development curriculum aimed to meliorate typical students’ understanding of and sensitivity to their special needs’ peers.\r\n'

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