Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Could biotechnology solve food shortage problem? Essay -- Hunger, FAO,

Food dearth is a global problem and tragedy of the gentlemans gentleman. There are just closely 1 billion people who give birth from incessant famish. Every 6 seconds a child dies from hunger (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2010). It is impossible that number of hungry people is so high. Hunger is continuous, serious and morphological problem, which could not be solved in one day. Different world organizations, scientists, economists, politics care about undernourished people and try to reclaim ways for reducing their number. Fortunately, according to FAO in 2010 noted the reduction of hunger of 9.6 share from 2009 level. Most of all it decreased in Asia, there are 80 million less hunger people. Africa is the only area where pauperisation and hunger are going on to increase. The number of Afri fundaments living on less than one dollar per day has increased 50 percent for the last fifteen years (Paarlberg, 2008). 239 million people of sub- Sahar an Africa suffer from malnutrition (FAO, 2010). It is 25.8% of all hungry people in the world. Why are so many Africans still hungry? What are the reasons of their poverty? In general, of import reasons are political instability, poorly developed delivery, nonproductive farming, etc, but all(prenominal) country has special details. This project will investigate whether subsistence farmers of sub-Saharan Africa can use biotechnologys advantages. Economy based on subsistence agriculture.For re figure out power malnutrition problem, we need to solve poverty problem, because if people will have jobs, sanctuary place to live, and education they get enough money for food. Now Africa is poor, economy of sub-Saharan Africas countries based on agriculture, applying for almost 45% of GDP, and 85% of total employment and most of pe... ...ieve new level of economy when sub-Saharan Africans will work and have enough food for stable and expert lives. Of course, advantages of biotechnolog y is very useful for enhancing products quality, nutrition , for protect parts of plant like root from different diseases, but for solving food paucity in Sub-Saharan Africa it is essential to solve economic problems. In example of some countries it is clear to notice that food shortage is consequence of poverty. To sum up, sub-Saharan Africa need help from abroad infestations. Africa has favorable potential there are a lot of minerals, precious metals. excessively there are good conditions for tourism industry. For example, Ethiopia could develop tourism industry. trigger-happy nature, rich history, ancient towns attract people around the world. Thinking about future it is important to invest to qualified education.

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