Saturday, March 9, 2019

Home Based Childcare Risk Assessment

Course CodeCourse TitleAssignment nary(prenominal) and Name DS31Diploma in Home-Based Childc be Unit 12a keeping children safe and healthy This is a Risk Assessment of a domesticated setting to be used for childminding, the children will have inlet to the followers rooms/ compasss Hallway/Stairs Downstairs privy dine fashion Kitchen Lounge bedchamber Garden Possible hazards and bumps for each room/area are detailed below 1. Hallway/Stairs Access to the stairs, risk of falling. 2. Downstairs Toilet Risk of chemical poisoning (bleach and cleaning chemicals) access to contaminated water from the lot bowl. 3.Dining Room Risk of shock from galvanic sockets radiators that may get very hot to the touch cupboards with breakable items inside. 4. Kitchen promote and burn hazards from the cooker cupboards containing cleaning chemicals flexes from appliances and appliances themselves are a hazard. 5. Lounge Electrical sockets radiators wires and cables from the TV are visible, young children could puzzle out with them/trip on them/get an galvanising shock or worse clear glass patio doors a rug that could pose a trip or slip hazard. 6. Bedroom Electrical sockets radiator windows with openings children could reach. . Garden Sheds with gardening equipment (such as a lawnmower and shears) and chemicals. It is necessary to fly the coop out the following measures to minimise/overcome these hazards 1. Hallway/Stairs install pencil eraser gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. 2. Downstairs Toilet Remove and lock away all chemicals install a toilet lock to veto toddlers being able to access the toilet bowl. 3. Dining Room fulfill socket covers to all accessible electrical sockets install childproof locks on all accessible cupboards fit radiator covers to prevent burns. 4.Kitchen Install a safety gate install childproof locks to all accessible cupboards that may contain chemicals or breakable items keep plastic bags out of sight and reach dress safety film to the glass door keep all appliances and flexes pushed to the brook of surfaces (toaster, microwave, kettle) keep a fire blanket in a rational place in easy reach in emergencies. 5. Lounge Fit socket covers to all accessible electrical sockets fit radiator covers apply an anti-slip underlay to the rug tidy the TV cables out of reach and sight apply stickers at child eye level on the glass patio doors to prevent children running into them. . Bedroom Fit socket covers radiator covers experience window locks are continuously used to prevent children falling out. 7. Garden Separate outdoor play items from gardening equipment/chemicals in the shed, keeping dangerous items out of reach ensure children are always supervised when accessing the outdoor play equipment in the shed. former(a) Measures to include anti-slam device to internal doors, fitting locks to all rooms children are not allowed access to and testing fire alarms on a ceaseless basis.

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