Thursday, March 7, 2019

Multicultural Awareness Essay

The purpose of this paper is to analyze wholenessself by victorious the multicultural-Self Assessment and learn ab discover the Other of wizard self. This exit abet angiotensin-converting enzyme to associate with clients from divergent cultures.Multicultural Self-Assessment SummaryThe results of the Multicultural Self-Assessment were non surprising to me. Thirteen of the answers were five (5), which is not surprising to me because I was taught by my family and I to take Others and not to judge anyone if you do not want to be judge yourself. What two fours (4) were not want I thought I would answer but I had to think very hard on it. I do the kindreds of to listen to others ideas to a certain point. The point would be when the idea is against a certain group and thats where I draw line or it just benefits one certain group I will overly draw the line there. I have learned to be oft clips opened mind in the sweep of different cultural in our society and in the rest of the world. My behavior is the same with enter playacting with peers, strangers, family, and co-workers. I refuse to change because of someones culture. The saying What you prove is what you get (Flip Wilson, 1960) that is how I see myself.Story of Being OtherThe figment of Other did not come until I went away for the first time to the University of New Mexico. I notice that there were many different organizations that were comprised of different races and cultures. I did not make out that there were mountain who did not like certain races or cultures. I was walking by my dorm and this teenage man who I see around campus before stopped me and imply me why my people (Mexican) come to this country and take away jobs of washrag people . I had to take a double take when he told me that and turn around and replied what type of jobs is being taken away from his people? He answered all types. I was angry but remained calm and told him that some of the jobs are in the fields, washing d ishes, maid, and gardeners. He went on to say that those jobs are for them and in which I verbalise I have not seen anyone out in the hot sun picking crops for more thaneight hours. The teenage man told me to return to my country and stop taking up set that belong to his people.I have never been so offend so much in my life that it shocked me that I did not cognise that I was being discriminated against . I finally opened my mind and eye as to what is going on and finally told him that I will never leave this country because its where I was born here. Then he went on to say that he was going to call ICE on me and I told him to go ahead and that I was half-Mexican and Native American. He past stop talking to me and started too walked away and turned around and said Dirty Mexican. This situation made me open my eyes and I started to realize that within our society we need to understand different cultures and races and give the evaluate and honor them.Other and Multicultural-Self Assessment ReflectionBeing the Other and taking the Multicultural-Self Assessment has a great meaning to me, because of the up-bring I am the somebody that I am now days. With the help of my parents and my religious education that I had made me see that the world is filled with different types of people and one can learn many things about the different cultural and one can learn something from those cultures. I enjoy to meeting people and I do in my work and I have enjoyed working with everyone. I was not surprise that in the result of receiving so many 5 in the assessment. I have been told that I make friends easy and accept everyone without judgment. I am not saying I am spotless but I do have some faults.Next stepThe action that I would take is to use Emic when it comes to dealing with ones client. Emic approaches allow for the professional counseling to conceptualize the client as an somebody and attend to cultural variations and culturally specific interventions (Hays & Gra y, 2014). To be opened disposed(p) towards a person who has different beliefs and cultural. One must be sufficient to work with clients that come from different cultures and to be able use companionship of their cultures to can help one as a professional to help his or her client.Statement of Counseling IdentityThis one was a precise harder to think about but my Statement of Counseling.Identity would be I am the person who you will fire after you are on your right path . I want to be known for the counselor that her client does not need anymore. To let my clients know what to expect from me as their counselor. Explain that I am neither a psychologist nor a freedom clinical social worker (Coppock, 2012).Importance of Multicultural Awareness and competency in Counseling Multicultural Awareness is very handy turncock for a counselor it tapers where how one interacts with different cultures. This tool can show what ones weakness is and ones strong area is. Using the assessment is used then one is in competence to their clients. It must be able to fulfill the right outcome to ones clients with using any judgmental or basis.ReferencesCoppock , Timothy E. (March 1, 2012) A Closer Look at Developing Counselor Identity, Counseling directly Retrieve from www Petrone, M. C. (2004). Multicultural self-assessment. In M. D. Cox & L. Richlin (Eds.), Building energy learning communities (pp. 122123). San Francisco, CA John Wiley & Sons. Vernon, A., & Erford, B.T. (2014). Human Development throughout the Lifespan. In B. T. Erford (Ed.), Orientation to the Counseling Profession Advocacy, Ethics, and Essential Professional Foundations (2nd. ed.). (pp. 215239). Upper bear down River, NJ Pearson Education.

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