Friday, March 1, 2019

Philosophy Sections 7.1 & 7.2 Essay

1. What atomic number 18 the requirements for fellowship?4.What is Platos allegory of the cave suppositious to demonstrate?Platos allegory of the cave is supposed to demonstrate non only the human situation in general but Socrates emotional state in particular. Socrates glimpsed the true nature of reality and tried to convince the inhabitants of capital of Greece that they didnt know what they thought they knew.The objects that cast shadows on the wall embody what Plato considers to be the truly real objects the forms. 5.What is Descartes dream line of work?Descartes dream argument is as followed1) We placet be certain that were non dreaming.2) If we cant be certain that were not dreaming, we cant be certain that what we adept is real.3) If we cant be certain that what we sense is real, we cant acquire knowledge done sense experience. 4) Therefore, we cant acquire knowledge through sense experience. According to Descartes, you cant rule out the possibility that youre drea ming so youre senses cant give you knowledge of the external world. 8. Why do empiricists believe that there argon no synthetic substance substance a priori truths?Empiricists believe that there are no synthetic a priori truths because they believe that sense experience is our only source of knowledge of the external world. 9.How does Kant explain the possibility of synthetic a priori truths?Kant explained the possibility of synthetic a priori truths by examining the method of inquiry used by mathematicians. Kant set that what makes it possible for mathematicians to discover such truths is that they study the principles the mind uses to construct numeral objects.Section 7.2 (3 and 4)3. What is representative realism?Representative realism is the doctrine that sensations are caused by external objects and that our sensations represent these objects. 4. What is the distinction between primary and thirdhand qualities?The distinction between primary and secondary qualities is that while secondary qualities outlive in the mind not in the actual object, primary qualities are possessed by material objects.

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