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A teensy Horizontal Integration, Please Greg Fry MGMT6109049 University of Maryland University College Bureaucracy consists of an governance characterized by specific job functions and a strict vertical hierarchical coordinate. bureaucratic social organization introduced a shift in the archetype of society only when before the 19th century. Max Weber, known for his thoughts on capitalism and bureaucratism, contributed greatly to this archetype.The classic bureaucratic model, according to Weber, is described as having such characteristics as political neutrality, vertical structure, specific job responsibilities, and well-written impersonal documentation, which is exercised to match structural reliability. (Weber M. , 1978) This essay will concentrate on the vertical structure and the rigid tasks and knowledge of the bureaucratic model, to show that an organization can occasion too big and rigid to be effective in casual tasks.According to Weber, bureaucratization offers abov e completely the optimum possibility for carrying through the principle of specializing administrative functions according to purely objective considerations. (Weber M. , 1958) However, this shows away the human factor, which can clog an employee from making an effective closing. This is all too clear when looking at the Veterans Benefits Administration, and how they handle their customers. The following diagram depicts the Veterans Benefits Administration presidential term (Organization chart Veterans Benefits Administration, 2012) pic go through 1 The Veterans Benefits Administration organization is a vertically structured establishment agency. The structure shows how the different regional mathematical functions do not have the substance to communicate with distributively other. Figure provided by (http//vacriteria. tpub. com/vba_dg/vba_dg0010. htm). Weber predicted that bureaucracy would win because of its ability to ensure more efficient functioning of organizatio ns in two business and government settings. (Daft, 2010) However, in the case of the Veterans Benefits Administration, Weber may be wrong.The vertical hierarchy and strict rules prevent the different organizations from talking to each other. The example below will show that a large bureaucracy needs to be horizontally integrated along with the vertical structure to allow the employees the freedom to make decisions and communicate properly with other serviceable areas. A former Air Force penis decided to use his GI Bill to continue his education. He started to use his bill bandage living in the state of Maryland. He then moved to Indiana, where he continued to use the GI Bill without issue.However, during a semester of class, the member indispensable to drop a class due to job priorities. He satisfyed the procreation Service Organization, as seen in the above chart, to let them know of his issue. They were in agreement that the class should be dropped without penalty. A few mo nths passed, and the member original a letter in the mail from the Eastern Regional office stating that the member owed money due to the dropping of the class earlier. The member called the helpline to justify the situation.The savant was told that the regional office is separate from the education services set-back and that he should have corresponded with the regional branch instead. The member went up the bowed stringed instrument of command within the regional organization, without success. He was advised to protest the decision, which could take up to six months. The frustrated student sent in all the pertinent documents to the review board, which was located in the eastern region. During the protest stage, the member received another letter from the Veteran Administrations Collections Center.The student was very surprised and contacted the collections center immediately. Once the member was able to excrete a person who could help, he tried to explain that he was protesti ng the decision that was made by the office in the eastern region. The collections officer utter that it didnt matter what he was doing with the eastern region. The collections officer was located in the central region where all non-payments are reported. The student asked if the collections officer could contact the eastern regional representative to clear up the mess that was world created.The answer was no due to the fact that the central and eastern regional offices were not associated with each other, and he had his rules and regulations to follow. After a two family battle, the student ended up having to pay money back to the Administration, along with fees from the collections agency. Rather than focusing on narrow jobs structured into distinct functional departments, the Veterans Benefits Administration should emphasize core processes that cut horizontally across the organization and involve teams of employees working together to serve the customer. Daft, 2010) Weber buil t these bureaucratic organizations to act care machines and not think however, bureaucracies could not and cannot act like machines because they consist of human beings. People will simply not feign machines, although the Veterans Benefits Administration has certainly given it a good shot. Reference Daft, R. L. (2010). Organization Theory and Design (tenth ed. ). Mason, Ohio Joe Sabatino. Integrated Publishing. (n. d. ). Organization chart Veterans Benefits Administration.Retrieved January/February 4, 2012, from http//vacriteria. tpub. com/vba_dg/vba_dg0010. htm Organization Chart Veterans Benefits Administration. (2011, October 10). Retrieved Ocotober 12, 2011, from Integrated Publishing http//www. tpub. com/content/vacriteria/vba_dg/vba_dg0010. htm Weber, M. (1978). Economy and society An outline of instructive sociology (Vol. One). (G. Roth, & C. E. Wittich, Eds. ) Berkeley, Los Angeles, London University of California Press. Weber, M. (1958). Essays in Sociology. (H. H. Gert h, & C.W. Mills, Eds. ) New York Oxford University Press. UNDER depository OF BENEFITS share OF EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING CHIEF OF INFORMATION caution DEP. UNDER SECRETARY FOR BENEFITS OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE OF RESOURCE MANAGEMENT OFFICE OF EXE. 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