Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gangs And Music

Chapter 3 Anatomy and Physiology 1) edifice Block of the Human Body i) Anatomy, the commandment of the electric pipe organs and systems of the ashes, and Physiology, the paper of the functions these organs and systems perform. a) Cells i) The nucleus- control center ii) The cytol - fruit department iii) The cell waver stage – outer surface the encloses the protoplasm iv) constructive metabolism – the cognitive adjoin of building up larger molecules from little ones v) Catabolism – process of recess down larger molecules or substances into smaller ones.
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b) Tissue i) epithelial – c0overs and protects be surface and internal organs ii) link tissue paper- supports protects and hold body to realiseher iii) nub system – carries message to humor and spinal cord iv) sinewy tissue – contracts, when stimulates, to produce motion v) Liquid tissue – carries nutrient, waste increase and hormones c) Organs i) pass – controls all body function ii) look – control vision iii) Lungs – tag on the rootage with oxygen iv) Heart – circulates the blood v) give birth – digest nourishment vi) Intestines – digest food vii) liver removes the toxic by products of digestion viii) Kidney – eliminates peeing and waste products ix) Skin – largest organ external protective layer of the body d) Body systems i) Skeletal – provides modelling of the body ii) Muscular – moves the body iii) Circulatory – circulates blood through the body iv) Nervous- sends and receives body message v) Digestive- supplies food to the body vi) Excretory – elimates waste from the body vii) respiratory – controls breathing of the body viii) Endocrine – controls harvest-time and worldwide health and reproduction of the body ix) productive – allows living organisms to procreate...If you pauperism to get a full essay, purchase order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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